What is a Good
Vinyl Siding Warranty?

What is a Good Vinyl Siding Warranty?

Installing vinyl siding on your home’s exterior is a big home renovation project, so as homeowner, you want to make sure that the warranty associated with this purchase is long lasting and offers the appropriate coverage. 

When it comes to vinyl siding, vinyl soffits and vinyl accessories, you want to be sure that not only the product is covered under manufacturer warranty, but also the service provided by your contractor. Many home improvement companies charge what is called a “TRIP FEE, where you are not charged for the product replacement, but you are charged for the service technician to come to your home and service the product.  Try to avoid this fee.  There ARE companies out there that cover it all!  Take your time and make the right choice for your home!  

What are some possible issues the manufacturer warranty should cover?

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Manufacturing Defects:   The products that were installed are free from defects in material and workmanship in the course of manufacturing.   The product should be delivered at your home, ready to install!
  • Limited Fade Warranty: The manufacturer should warrant to you, that for a limited time, the products will not excessively fade. 

What are some possible issues the manufacturer warranty WILL NOT cover?

          –    Damage of any kind resulting from improper installation.  This is where your service warranty can play a big role.

–     Accidental damage
          Structural shrinkage or distortion of the property structure
          Lightning, hurricane, tornado ,windstorm, earthquake or any other natural happenings
          Misuse or abuse
          Products that have been altered in any way (i.e. painted, stained, sanded, etc.)

What should your home improvement contracting company warranty cover?

  • Any and all damage due to improper installation.
  •  Any service appointment free of charge (assessment or repair appointments).
  • Any repairs done by the contracting company free of charge.
  • Make sure to choose a contractor that has a service technician available. 

Be sure that the warranty on your new siding is transferable.  This is not a concept often thought of by many homeowners.  However, this is an ideal perk within any home improvement warranty when deciding to sell your home.  Owning a transferable warranty, can increase the resale value of your home and be used as a bargaining chip with potential buyers.

Next to the product itself, the warranty is one of the most important guarantees a home improvement company can provide.  Make sure you know what your warranty covers. Don’t be shy.  Ask questions!

Make good choices and keep your home happy!

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