What is a Good
Window Warranty?

What is a Good Window Warranty?

What You Should Know!

Warranty jargon can be intimidating and confusing.  It’s very important to know some of the vocabulary used and the meaning behind home improvement words in order to truly understand what you’re reading and what your getting.

Many people may think that a “Lifetime Warranty” is all you need to know.  This couldn’t be more untrue.  There are several pertinent pieces of information that are needed to know about a warranty to fully understand what is being covered. Terms such as transferable and non-prorated are just a couple expressions that a homeowner should know.

Next to the product itself, the warranty is one of the most important guarantees a home improvement company can provide.  Make sure you know what your warranty covers. Don’t be shy.  Ask questions!

Some warranty questions that you should ask may be:

What does non-prorated mean? A non-prorated warranty will cover the full replacement value of the product for the duration of the warranty.  The  value does not decrease over time, which means, that according to your warranty, your windows are worth just as much today as they were 5, 10, even 15 years ago.

Will I be charged a fee for a service technician to resolve an issue at my home?  Many companies charge what is called a “Trip Fee”, where you are not charged for the product replacement, but you are charged for the service technician to come to your home and service the product.

Is my warranty transferable?  This is not a concept often thought of by many homeowners.  However, this is an ideal perk within any home improvement warranty when deciding to sell your home.  Owning a transferable warranty, can increase the resale value of your home and be used as a bargaining chip with potential buyers.

The best window warranty you can get is a Lifetime Non-Prorated Warranty! 

Look for these key words when contracting with any home improvement company!  Make good choices and keep your home happy!

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