What is Argon
Gas in a Window?

What is Argon Gas in a Window?

Argon gas is an invisible, odorless noble gas that occurs naturally in our atmosphere.  It is non-flammable, non-toxic and completely safe.

Argon gas can be permanently sealed between 2 panes of glass during the manufacturing process in order to make windows more thermal and energy efficient.  Argon gas windows offer better insulation because Argon gas is heavier and 190% more dense than air.  Therefore, Argon gas is better at reflecting heat back into your home during the colder months and cool air back into your home during the warmer months.  Regardless of the season, having Argon gas in your windows helps to ensure climate stability in your home.

Argon-filled windows are becoming an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners because of several benefits.  The following are a few main advantages to having Argon gas in your home’s windows.  Windows containing Argon gas will increase the insulating U-Value or thermal transmission, of your windows.  The U-Value measures the rate of heat transfer through a specific product. The lower the U-Value of a window, the lower the amount of heat loss through that window and the better that window is insulating your home.  Argon gas can assist in reducing the possibility of condensation and frost on your windows. It can also increase the soundproofing characteristics of your home and ensure the working efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling systems.

Adding Low-E to your windows, in addition to the Argon gas, will increase the overall efficiency of your home even further.  Low-E or Low-Emissivity glass is window glass that has been treated with a microscopic metallic coating that not only reduces energy consumption in the home, but also reduces ultraviolet rays coming through your windows into your home.  Simply said, it’s a good home improvement decision to consider both Low-E and Argon gas when replacing the windows in your home.

Fun Scientific Fact: Argon has an Atomic Number of 18.

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