New Construction Windows and Replacement Windows

What is the Difference between New Construction Windows and Replacement Windows?

New construction windows are designed to be used primarily when a new home is being built or an addition to a home is being built. In order to install these windows, the studs of the structure must be exposed and the windows are installed directly to the frame of the house by use of a nail fin frame.

New construction windows can be installed during a remodeling project as well, but is much more labor intensive.  However, this is a much more involved process.  The installer must remove all exterior materials around the window first in order to expose the studs.  New construction windows are also nearly impossible to use with a brick or stone home.

Replacement windows are the more popular choice for home improvement projects.  Contractors do not have to remove any exterior materials before installing these windows. They are measured to fit an existing window opening and simply put into place.  Replacement windows are custom built for each window opening, to ensure perfect fit. They are installed without disturbing the trim or siding of the home and is no problem for brick or stone homes.  Replacement windows tend to be more expensive in cost compared to new construction windows.  However, the energy efficiency and lowered utility bills will offset that cost.

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