What Makes Energy Efficient Windows?

What Makes Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy efficient windows could save you on your energy bills; up to 30% of your heating and cooling costs could come from energy loss through windows. But how do you find an energy efficient window? What features do you look for?

Today, we’ll break down what features comprise an energy efficient window to make your replacement experience easier.

Let’s dive in!

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Good Quality Frame

Believe it or not, but different frame materials make a difference when it comes to energy efficiency. Certain materials, like vinyl, offer more insulation than other materials, like wood.

The durability of the frame also makes a difference in the lasting efficiency of the window. A frame that’s durable won’t sag or warp, meaning it won’t cause drafts down the road.

As a bonus, look for a company that offers a foam-filled frame. Unlike most frames, which are just hollow, a foam-filled frame gives you extra insulation.

Multiple Panes of Glass for Energy Efficient Windows

A major area through which windows lose energy is through the glass. If you have a single pane of glass in your window, your heat will seep right out in the winter and the heat will seep in through the summer.

Multiple panes of glass create some insulation against the heat. Two panes of glass (or a double pane window) is better than one, and three panes of glass (or a triple pane window) is the best of all.

Low-E Glass Coating

Even with multiple panes, some heat can still seep through the glass. To maximize efficiency of the glass itself, energy efficient windows will have a Low-E coating.

Low-E is a thin, metallic coating that goes on the glass. It’s practically transparent, so it won’t block any of your views.

What it does block is heat-causing infrared and ultraviolet light. That helps keep your heat from escaping your home in the winter. In the summer, it keeps the heat outside from getting into your cool home.

Gas Filling

Now you have multiple panes of glass with a Low-E coating, but there’s still space between the panes of glass that you can take advantage of.

By filling that space with a gas that’s denser than air, like argon gas, there’s an added layer of insulation against the elements.


Weatherstripping is the last piece of the puzzle for efficiency. Now, most windows have weatherstripping, but the quality and amount matters here.

Weatherstripping is a flexible plastic material along the edges of the window that create a tight seal to lock out drafts. High-quality weatherstripping includes a fibrous material to create a better seal.

The more weatherstripping you can get on a window, the better. More weatherstripping means more drafts are locked out.Replacement Windows in CT happy family

Investing in Your Home

Energy efficient windows are a true investment in your home that will pay off for years to come. You’ll be able to stay comfortable in the winter and summer without having to jack up your energy bills.

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