What To Do Before Replacing Your Roof

What To Do Before Replacing Your Roof
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Replacing your roof is one of the most important investments that you will make in your home. Therefore, it is not a project to jump into with limited knowledge or experience. In order to better protect your home and wallet, a basic understanding of the process is necessary. Making informed decisions during a reroof will expand your roof’s life and make the installation less of a hassle for you. Here’s some tips and tricks of what to know and do before actually replacing your roof.

Inspect your roof.
Before you start the process of replacing your entire roof, make sure you actually need one. Roofs last up to 20 years on average, but some can extend well beyond that limit. From the ground, use binoculars and look for cracking, curling or missing shingles and tiles. Search for water stains on ceilings and walls inside your home, especially in the attic as these are tell-tale signs of roofing leaks.

Research professionals.
Don’t just hire any contractor. Interview a couple different ones and ask for references, licenses, and an estimate on the project. Trustworthy contractors will be able to provide any of these things quickly and easily. After selecting one, make sure you get the most detailed contract you can. An estimate should include as much information as possible, from time frames, materials used, procedures, etc.

Know the lingo.
Don’t get tripped up by unknown words or procedures that your contractor talks about. Ask for an explanation of everything and anything you are confused about so that you know exactly what is happening. The top three roofing terms that confuse homeowners are: square, flashing and underlayment.

  • Square: the amount of shingles per 100 square feet of roofing
  • Flashing: the waterproofing material used around intersections or projections
  • Underlayment: a rolled material under the main roof that serves as added protection

Keep up appearances.
Because 40% of your home’s exterior is your roof, you to make sure that it looks good. Before choosing a roofing material, consider to look and style of your home and match it to your neighbors’ appearance as well. The neighborhood’s appeal is part of your resale value, so you want to contribute to and enhance it.

Options, options, options!Roofing Material Options
Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the US, and for that reason you will always want to consider them. They are the material that holds up in every type of climate and are therefore used the most. However, you also want to be different in your choice. Clay tiles give a exotic and beautiful Southern appearance while some materials are better are fire protection than others. Choose what you need to love your roof, whether it’s due to appearance or that added protection for your family. Some contractors even have the technology and ability to show you what your home would look like will all the different materials and colors, so you can make an informed decision.

Cheap isn’t always better.
The cheapest material and estimate may be the most tempting offer, but a cheap price often means that you will be paying more in future maintenance costs or replacing your roof sooner than you should. The best way to think about the cost is to divide the total cost of the roof by its life expectancy, so that you end up with the cost per year.

Maintain your roof.
Either ask your contractor to take pictures of your current roof or go up on your roof yourself (safely!) and do it yourself. Take pictures of what is wrong so that you know what to watch for later on. Check for these problems once a season and perform regular maintenance on problem areas so that you can extend your roof’s life and help protect your home.

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