Exterior Window Trim: White or Custom Color?

Exterior Window Trim: White or Custom Color?

Custom Color Replacement Window Trim Connecticut

White Exterior Replacement Window Trim Connecticut

White exterior trim or colored exterior trim is an important question many homeowners ponder when looking to replace the windows in their home. Below we go in-depth in modern exterior window trim ideas and how they can benefit your home!

What is Exterior Window Trim?

picture of window trim

Window Trim Outdoors

Exterior window trim is the trimming around a window on the outside of a home. It helps to give the windows on your home depth and style while protecting your home from the harsh elements of the weather. While wood trim has been used in the past, it comes with a lot of upkeep. Wood trim needs to be treated to prevent moisture and cracking as well as being repainted from weather exposure. Here at AWS we use Aluminum trim which offers a sleek, protective, look without the upkeep and maintenance of wood trim.

White Window Trim Outside

window trim with white trim and blue siding

White Window Trim With White Vinyl Window

While most home’s exterior accents typically come from doors, shutters, and landscaping, trim is a great way to add a splash of color to a home. Typically homeowners in New England tend to prefer white trim around the windows to match the white exterior of the window. It adds a seamless look of extension to the window while protecting your home from the elements. Traditional trim goes with numerous siding colors such as light grey siding with white trim.

Exterior House Color Combinations

brown window and window trim with blue siding

Contrasting and Complementing Color

As mentioned above, many homeowners go with white trim over white vinyl windows. However, there are almost limitless options for custom color trim on the outside of your house to add some curb appeal. Featured here is brown trim on a blue house matching the brown vinyl window. This contrast of color adds a bold statement to the look of a house. Contrasting colors bring attention to the outside window trim and gives a sense of focus to the home. Exterior window trim is only one of the numerous ways to spruce up the curb appeal of your house, check out our blog on curb appeal ideas for some more information on designing your home’s exterior.

Custom Color Trim Options

  • Black trim with white siding
  • Sabel brown trim with blue siding
  • Red trim with beige siding
  • Green trim with tan
  • And many more!

Exterior Window Trim Color Ideas

green window trim with tan siding

Continuation of Color

Featured is another bold contrasting color, but typically called a continuation of color. This means that this homeowner matches the door, trim, and the peak of the roof with the same trim, therefore, continuing the color of the trim. This draws your attention to the house as a whole instead of a statement piece such as different colored door or trim.

Outside Window Trim Matching Siding

Matching Exterior Window Trim

Replacement Picture Window With Custom Color Trim Farmington Connecticut


Replacement Picture Window Unit With Custom Color Trim Wallingford Connecticut

Contrasting, continuing, and white trim are all great options for your home, but they aren’t the only options. Trim doesn’t need to be in contrasting colors to make a statement on your home exterior. These photos above show the continued color of the siding as opposed to the continued color of the window as shown previously. You can continue your home’s color scheme with like-colored trim to give the windows an added sense of depth. Trimming the windows gives them a nice sleek look and adds to the protection of your window as opposed to no trim.

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By using our aluminum trim to accent your vinyl replacement windows you are insuring your home and yourself years of maintenance-free use. While thinking about trim color options for your new windows also take into consideration if you’d like grids with your windows. Check out our other blog on whether you should have grids or no grids on your home! For more information on adding new replacement windows, grids, white trim or custom color trim give us a call at 1–800–CALL–AWS to schedule a FREE in-home estimate! We are happy to help and ready to make your home AWSome.


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