Why is it Cloudy between my Window Glass?

Why is it Cloudy between my Window Glass?

condensation on glass of windowFogging, hazing, cloudiness or moisture in between the panes of glass of your window could indicate a seal failure.  A seal failure is simply when the vacuumed seal in between the panes of glass of the window failed.  Some multiple pane windows are sealed with air and some are sealed with a non toxic low conductivity gas, like argon.  When a seal failure occurs in a window, the insulated glass must be replaced.

Do not jump to conclusions!  Be sure to clean the inside and outside of the window first, to be certain that it’s not external moisture that you’re seeing.  If you can wipe off the moisture, then it is condensation, not a seal failure.  If you can not wipe off the moisture, it is most likely a seal failure and you will need to replace the glass.

This is a situation where your warranty works for you!  Make sure to choose a reputable window company that offers a lifetime warranty, including product and service.  Many home improvement companies offer a limited time warranty, so make sure you know exactly what you’re getting when you make the initial agreement.

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