Why is it Difficult to Lock the Windows in my Home?

Why is it Difficult to Lock the Windows in my Home?

It can be frustrating when you’re not able to lock or unlock your window. This can lead to major issues within your home if the problem isn’t addressed properly. A stuck window can be a sign to larger home problems such as a house foundation shift. If you can’t lock your windows, this can be a major security issue if a burglar tries to break into your home.

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Shifting Foundation

A shifting foundation is a very common cause of a stuck window. Moisture content and differences in climate can shift the home’s foundation, which will also shift the window frames. A distorted window frame will cause the window sash to fall out of alignment with the window, making it hard to lock your windows.  

Warped Wooden Window Frames 

Wooden window frames are prone to moisture and humidity damage. The moisture can cause the window paint to crack and allow water to seep into the wood, causing warping and rotting wood frames. A swollen wood frame makes it difficult to lock or unlock your windows.

How to Fix the Lock in Your Window

Once you’ve determined the issue that is preventing you from locking your windows, here are some solutions to fix it. The first step is to make sure the windows are in the unlock position before attempting to close them completely and lock them. This may seem like a silly instruction, but sometimes our busy schedules have made us forget the simplest steps. 

In case the first step didn’t resolve the issue, try the following steps if you’re attempting to lock a double hung window. Push the top sash up slightly, while simultaneously sliding the bottom sash down. 

Once the two sashes are aligned properly, you should be able to securely lock the window. Most window locks are based on a rocking or sliding mechanism that requires two sections to align in order to connect and lock. 

Helpful hint: Make sure your windows are locked every time you close them completely. This ensures proper window alignment and balance due to the foundation shift. 

If damage to the window is too extensive, a replacement may be necessary. If you have multiple sticking or damaged windows, consider a window upgrade with Advanced Window Systems. Contact us at 1-800-CALL-AWS to schedule a FREE in-home estimate today! Check us out on Facebook and Twitter too!

Edited on October 28, 2021



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