Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Benefits of Vinyl Siding from a CT Vinyl Siding Company

Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Durability, style, low maintenance, cost efficiency, green impact and value; These are just a few reason why consumers are flocking to the idea of remodeling their home AWS Vinyl Sidingwith vinyl siding. Whether you’re building your new home or remodeling your current exterior, vinyl siding’s affordable cost, easy installation, and timeless beauty just can’t be beat.

Vinyl Siding’s Durability

One of your siding’s most important jobs is to keep your home safe from the outside elements, and vinyl siding has proven to do just that. Vinyl siding can withstand high winds, and is resistant to heat, cold and moisture. It also has outstanding rain screening performance that reduces the water accumulation on your home. When it comes to safety, vinyl siding is slow to ignite giving it a strong flame-retardant quality.

Low Maintenance and Cost Effective

Vinyl siding has a low-cost install rate making it an affordable option for any home owner. It can even be removed, altered, and reinstalled easier than any other siding product. Vinyl siding requires no paint and demands little upkeep unlike any other exterior option. It does however, need periodic cleaning with soap and water. What does that mean for you? Less time spent maintaining your property, more money saved from eliminating upkeep costs, and a value that will last you years!

A Style That Fits Every Personality

Vinyl siding comes in an assortment of colors, designs, and styles to choose from. The vinyl siding color spectrum has a wide variety of shades from rich, bold tones to deep blends, or classic hues. The combination possibilities of vinyl siding is virtually unlimited so you can choose an exterior that will reflect you. Some vinyl siding exterior design choices are:

  • Horizontal or vertical panels
  • Shakes or shingles
  • Traditional clapboard
  • Beaded designs

Vinyl Siding and The Green World

Vinyl siding brings with it environmental benefits to make your home greener. Vinyl siding is recyclable, and the actual manufacturing process of vinyl siding takes less energy than other products such as brick or stucco. Due to the fact that vinyl siding eliminates the need for paint it can decrease your environmental footprint, and almost 100% of raw materials used in the creation of vinyl siding are used in the process reducing landfill waste. Additionally, insulated vinyl siding can save you more money when it comes to energy consumption.

Vinyl Siding is the most popular siding material used in the United States. Want to speak with a professional about vinyl siding installation? Advanced Window Systems is an industry leader with innovative technology and design. Contact us now for a free in home estimate today. 860-829-8044



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