What is the best color for your window frame?

What is the Best Color for Your Window Frame?

We all agreed that renovating your house can be a fun project, especially when it comes to replacement windows. If you have already decided what type of windows will look best with your home, then you will have to make another choice, and this is deciding what windows frame color should you get. When it comes to choosing windows frame colors, it’s crucial to know what type your home is and what style you want your house to be. For this we will give you some advice on how to match the color of your windows to the style of your home.

Windows frames color for Colonial houses

The most common home style in New England is the colonial style. They are well known for their symmetrical design and rectangular shape and for featuring multiple windows. Because of their ventilation ability, it is very common to see double-hung or single-hung windows arranged around the house symmetrically and normally installed in pairs. If you desire to keep the essence of the colonial home style, white exterior windows color are often paired with white or light-colored shutters, marking the classical look of a colonial-style home.

Colonial house with white windows.

Recommend windows color:

  • White windows color
  • Almond windows color
  • Sandstone windows color

Windows frames color for Cape Cod houses

The Cape Cod house style was one of the first houses built in the United States. Their designs typically have one or one and a half stories, a steep roof with gables, and shutters. Clapboard or brick siding is commonly used. White double-hung sash windows were the most frequent window color for both the front and back building façades of a Cape Cod home. Although it is now becoming increasingly common to see houses with black exterior windows or other dark colors. You can also play with the colors and use black exterior windows with a white interior.

Cape cod house with white and black windows

Recommend windows color:

  • Black windows color
  • White windows color
  • Black exterior windows with white interior

Windows frames color for Ranch houses

A built-in garage, wood or brick façade, and large picture windows or sliding glass doors leading to patios are all common features of ranch homes. The ranch home style can be quite cute. If you want to bring modernity to our ranch, you can create a contrast between your house color and your windows. For a light-colored house, a dark window frame color is highly recommended. You can also use earth-toned window colors if black windows are not what you want.

ranch house style with black windows.

Recommend windows color:

  • Dark window color
  • Earth-toned window color

Windows frames color for Victorian houses

Victorian homes often have two or three stories, ornamental stonework, bay sash windows, dormers, roof gables, often with wood trim, towers that create an asymmetrical shape, and wrap-around porches. You can see a large variety of colors in this home style. Maroon, red, burgundy, chestnut, dark green, brown, and blues are some of the traditional color palettes of a Victorian. If your house has one of these or a similar color, we recommend a light colored window. Sandstone or an almond colored vinyl windows are also a good options for you.

colored Victorian house style with almond windows color.

Recommend windows color:

  • Almond colored vinyl windows color
  • White windows color
  • Sandstone windows color

Windows frames color for Bungalow houses

A bungalow is a modest cottage-style residence that is normally built as a one-story structure. Sloped roofs, open floor designs, wide front windows, and broad front porches are common features of bungalows. Bungalows can have multiple stories, depending on the style. One of the most important features of the bungalows is their windows. Double-hung windows, single-hung windows, or casement windows are very common in this type of house. If you don’t want to go with a white window frame or black window frame, we recommend a sandstone window color. If your house color is already light and you want something different, the bronze or brown window color are also a good match.

Bungalow house with brown window frame color.

Recommend windows color:

  • Bronze window color
  • Brown window color
  • White window color
  • Black window color

Can window frames be different colors?

Yes, windows frames can be different colors, if you want to customize your window color and follow the color trends for windows frames, you can go to Sherwin Williams and pick out any color you want. After that, you just need to give us the paint code and we do the work. We can also match your window frame color to the aluminum trim color.

Red windows color, yellow windows color, oranges window color, and browns windows colors are a good option for traditional home style.

Green windows color, blue windows color, purple windows color, and gray windows color are a good match for modern home style.

Although, black windows frames and white window frames, which are both very popular and complement most design types.


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