Wood or Faux Wood Siding?

Wood or Faux Wood Siding? Why Faux Wood Vinyl log Siding is Best

If you want a wood siding look for your home, you may be overwhelmed by all the options. One type of faux wood siding is vinyl, and there are many types of faux wood vinyl siding to choose from as well. Let’s break down your faux wood siding options to help you make the best choice for your home.

Light Wood Siding

Traditional Wood Siding    

Of course, real wood siding is an option to consider; you’re most likely here to achieve the look! Wood siding is classic and natural looking, and there are many style options. Some of these styles include shingle, shake, lap, and board and batten. But note that these styles can all be achieved with vinyl siding as well.

Wood siding lasts anywhere from 20-40 years but requires a lot of maintenance. While wood siding can be stained or painted any way you want it, that requires tedious upkeep. Real wood siding will need to be painted or stained every 2-4 years, and the cost certainly adds up.

House with wood siding

Another cost of wood siding that you need to consider is the annual pest control inspection. Unfortunately, real wood siding attracts termites and other bugs. This can be very costly, but if you do not keep up with the inspections the cost of the damage the bugs cause is very steep.

As you can see, the maintenance of wood siding is expensive and tedious. To add another factor, wood siding needs to be cleaned every for dirt and mildew buildup. Unlike vinyl siding, a power washer is too harsh so you must use a soft bristled brush to not damage the siding. Again, this is more of a pesky task than maintaining vinyl.

Painting wood siding

Wood siding adds value to your home, which is something to keep in mind if you are considering reselling. Clearly the upkeep is costly and timely, which is not the case for faux wood vinyl siding. If you want to transform your dream home with the “wood” exterior, but do not want to deal with the maintenance, let’s consider the vinyl options.

Benefits of Faux Wood Vinyl Siding

Faux wood vinyl siding gives your home an AWSome look but is a fraction of the cost upon installation and in the long run as well. Faux wood siding gives your home the same appearance as a freshly painted clapboard home.

Faux wood vinyl siding

You will not compromise the look if you choose faux wood siding. Vinyl siding now comes in a Cedar Impressions style, which is molded from real cedar shakes and shingles. The texture of the panels looks exactly like wood, even on the butt and shingle gaps.

Vinyl siding is maintenance free. Faux wood siding would never need to be repainted or restained if you choose vinyl. Also note that it comes in a wide variety of colors and blends of colors, so you never have to compromise the natural look or any look you were going for. The color never fades, and you save so much money on maintenance.

Another benefit of going with faux wood siding is that vinyl has superb energy efficiency. Our vinyl siding system has additional ventilation, enhanced insulation, and a superior grade siding panel. This vinyl siding system is great at lowering carbon footprint and saving you money on your energy bills. This type of siding keeps your home cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter – so it’s actually saving you money in the long run.

Vinyl siding is much more durable than wood siding. If you go with the faux wood siding, it will last you 40 years. The Cedar Impressions style is designed to withstand hurricane force winds and it won’t crack, split or rot like real wood.

Types of Faux Wood Vinyl Siding

We’ve talked about Cedar Impressions polymer shake and shingle siding. It definitely gives off the real wood siding look. For Cedar Impressions styles, you can choose from sawmill shingles, which look classic and historic, perfection shingles, which look distinct and polished, or rough-split shingles, which are more rustic. All of the Cedar Impressions styles look very realistic since they are imprinted with real cedar wood.

Sawmill vinyl shingles
Sawmill Shingles
Perfection vinyl shingles
Perfection Shingles
Rough split vinyl shingles
Rough-Split Shingles

Board and Batten vertical wood siding is becoming more popular. You can get the look with faux wood siding as well! Board and batten vinyl siding can look just like real wood. The vertical look of the panels is very unique looking and have all the same benefits as any other vinyl siding.

Monogram vinyl siding is our most popular type of siding. It has beautiful natural wood colors to choose from and looks great on any home. It gives off the look of real wood since the panels are also molded from real cedar boards. Of course, this style is maintenance free and energy efficient.

The options for faux wood siding using vinyl are endless. Unless you want to spend on maintenance and increased energy costs, vinyl faux wood siding is a much better option than real wood siding.

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Written by Claire Butler


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