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New Entry Door for Your Watertown, CT Home | What Factors to Look ForNew Entry Door Watertown Connecticut

When shopping for a new entry door for your Watertown, CT home, what factors should you look for? Should you turn to a trusted company or pick up a door from a big box home improvement store and slap it on the hinges? How can you even tell what constitutes a good door? Let’s go over some tips and questions you should look for when shopping for your entry door. After all, this is what welcomes you home, so it should be a warm welcome.

With the freezing winters in New England, energy efficiency is important in your home. You probably don’t realize how much heat you’re losing through your door, but a substantial amount leaks around the edges and seeps through the door itself. Look for these features to find an energy-efficient door:

  • High-quality weatherstripping around the sides and sweep on the bottom to seal it off against drafts
  • Foam-filled core to insulate the slab of the door against heat loss
  • Something in the lock area to prevent air leakage there

How can you pick a new entry door that’s durable? When a representative visits your Watertown, CT home, ask them a few questions. What material is the door made of? Fiberglass doors resist types of damage that both wood and metal are vulnerable to. How heavy duty are the hinges and the frame of the door? These two areas get more wear and tear than you would realize, so they should be strong enough to offer support to the door slab itself.

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