About Tajh Hamilton

About Tajh Hamilton

Marketing Intern

Advanced Window Systems LLC


Tajh Hamilton is from Hartford, CT, and has recently graduated with a degree in Visual Communication from the University of Hartford. Tajh has an unwavering passion for crafting digital designs, whether it’s constructing vibrant brand logos or creating captivating graphics. Outside of the professional realm, Tajh is an enthusiastic adventurer, always open to new experiences, and always excited about trying something new – even in the world of Muay Thai, where Tajh is very new but eager to learn.


Throughout Tajh’s four-year journey at the University of Hartford, valuable skills in videography, communication, and design. However, Tajh’s current focus burns with a passion for personal growth and professional development as a graphic designer.

To view more of Tajhs’ work and experience you can view his LinkedIn here

Tajh’s role at Advanced Window Systems is working on blogs, City pages, social posts, and research for AWS. For more information on Tajh’s blogs…

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