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Low Maintenance Vinyl Siding for Your Manchester, CT Home

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If it’s maintenance time for your wood siding, you’re probably thinking about vinyl siding for your Manchester, CT home. Wood is beautiful, but it’s expensive to put on your home in the first place. Then every few years the seal wears away or the paint starts chipping. It starts to look bad and is no longer adequate to protect your home, and you have to pay thousands or spend hours of labor to re-seal or paint it. What if your only maintenance was a light washing once and a while? That’s the life you could live if you choose Advanced Window Systems, LLC (AWS) to replace your siding.

Vinyl never needs to be painted or sealed, unlike wood, so it requires little maintenance. However, you can still achieve the textured look of wood that you love. Since vinyl is a material that’s melted down and molded, you can choose from various wood-grain textures for the panels to have. That way, you get the look you want without having to subject yourself to maintenance.

Our vinyl siding also has a few other benefits for your Manchester, CT home:

  • Strength—Our panels are extra-thick, so they can withstand intense winds and wayward debris that might collide with them.
  • Energy-Efficiency—We use an extruded polyurethane underlayment that resists moisture and reduces heat transfer.
  • Style—With many styles and finishes as well as interlocking panels, you can get a beautiful, smooth look that you desire.

We put a high priority on customer service at AWS, so we want to make sure that we’re always there to serve you. That’s why we offer a transferrable, lifetime warranty on our siding. Should you need us years down the road, simply give us a call. With no hassle, we’ll be there to help you. And should you leave the house, we’ll be there for the next homeowner, too.

If you want low maintenance vinyl siding for your Manchester, CT home, contact us today at 1-800-CALL-AWS.

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