5 Signs It’s Time to Get Replacement Windows

5 Signs It’s Time to Get Replacement Windows
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Your windows are at the point that you’re starting to notice how bad they are. On a nice day, you’re hesitant to open them. Maybe they look a little grimy. But when should you actually replace your windows? Most people have no idea when it’s time.

That’s okay! Today, we’ll take you through some common signs that you should let go of your old windows.

Saving money on your energy bills, staying safer, and having a more beautiful home are just a few of the benefits awaiting you with new windows.

But first, let’s take a look at some bad signs with those old ones.

1. You’re Freezing

It’s winter in New England. You’re turning up your heat, but you’re still shivering, especially when you get near your windows.

Your windows might just be old, as we’ll talk about in #2. But they also might have poor seals that are allowing outside air to infiltrate your home. New windows have much better weatherstripping and interlocking sashes, so no more drafts will blow the money right out of your pocket in energy bills.

2. They’re Old

Many old houses come with single pane windows. Single pane windows are the least energy-efficient. With a single pane of glass, especially on a window too old to have an insulating Low E coating, your energy is flowing right through and getting lost.

Feel your glass. Is it freezing cold in the winter? Hot in the summer? Those are signs that you’re losing energy.

Double pane glass adds a whole extra layer of insulation, especially when filled with dense Argon gas.

3. They’re a Pain to Use

It’s the first gorgeous day of spring. You can finally turn off the heat and open the windows, but they’re getting stuck! They’re hard to open, or maybe they won’t even stay open on their own.

Windows are vital for ventilation in your home. On nice days, they offer the perfect free alternative to using your air conditioning system. If yours are hard to use, it’s time to get replacement windows.

4. They’re Damaged

When something completely breaks your window, it’s obvious that it’s time to get a replacement. But what if it’s just a crack on the frame or glass? Can you get away with waiting on new windows?

No. If there’s any damage on your current windows, that makes them vulnerable to worse damage. Imagine if that worse damage comes during a storm, or when a burglar is looking for ways into your home.

Make sure you check for broken locks, too.

5. You Want Replacement Windows

Sometimes, your old windows are just ugly. The frames might be rotting or peeling. The glass might be cloudy and old.

If there are any parts of your old windows making you think it’s time to get new ones, then it’s time.

Great Windows Make a Great Home

Beautiful windows transform your home. They improve your home’s looks, easily function when you need them, and are easy to clean.

Plus, they’ll save you money on your energy bills. How many home improvement projects add a return on investment in addition to improving the overall value of your home?

If you see these signs in your current windows, contact us for a FREE consultation about replacement windows. At AWS, we’re happy to improve your quality of life at home.


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